20 Ways to Increase Your Blog (Website) Page Rank

20 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Page Rank:

  1. Include at least one link to Google in your homepage.
  2. Use meta keyword tags, usually 4 to 5 in every post.
  3. Get links from your friends blogs.
  4. Trade for link exchange from blogs with similar niche.
  5. Write guest post in blogs with high page rank.
  6. Add your blog link in Facebook and Twitter profile.
  7. Submit your blog to blog directories.
  8. Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites.
  9. Add good internal links in your blog posts.
  10. Make your blog home page navigation easy.
  11. Link to pages and websites that share the same niche as yours.
  12. Check for any broken links in your blog.
  13. Submit your posts to article directories.
  14. Post regularly in your blog.
  15. Don’t link to banned, spam, adult sites from your blog.
  16. Write lengthy blog posts rather that a small paragraph.
  17. Don’t buy large number of links from any websites.
  18. Add your blog link as signature in forums.
  19. Check your title and keyword strength using meta analyzer.
  20. Comment on dofollow blogs regularly.
simple and effective ways, please don’t try any illegal method it may permanently block your website traffic for ever.

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