Library Management Code in C

Entire Library Management Code of library managment project report in C
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Artificial Students Record System in C

Artificial Students Record System Final Year Project
Title: Artificial Students Record System
Description: To save record and let user to view his/her detail(grade, gpax.


Project Title: Student Records System Design

Category: Application Development, Enterprise.


The future of the student information system has to be seen as one of continuous change, where the information that is stored is of increasing complexity and quantity. The student information system is required to provide a useable and well managed interface for student, academic and administrator users to view and manipulate the data for which it is responsible. For each it must allow the rapid formulation and resolution of queries related to the student information. There is also a requirement for the system to interact with other information sources and required, both as an information source and as a consumer of related information during the resolution of queries.


The Student Record System maintains records of students, the courses and modules on which they are registered and the outcome of their studies.

The system maintains personal information for each student registered at the University. This information consists of the studentâ„¢s registration number, forename, surname, gender, home address, term-time address and date of birth. There are two distinct categories of student within the University under Graduate Students and Post Graduate Students. For each undergraduate student the system must also maintain a record of the name of the studentâ„¢s Local Education Authority and an indication of whether they have taken out a student loan. For each post graduate student the system must maintain a record of the name of their sponsor and a flag which indicates whether they are European or International student.

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