SAP based Online Promotion Examination IT Project

This is a good MCA project report on "SAP based online promotion examination". This project is develop to minimize the financial implications and streamlining the process the requirement of the online promotion examination was generated. Its mission is to offer a quick and easy way to appear the exam and it also provide the result immediately after the exam. This exam consist many procedure as if you are employee of ONGC then you have to login for exam or enter your CPF number.


Automated Testing of CGFC CPU Modules

This is a good electronics project report on "automated testing of CGFC CPU modules". In this project, we have only tested the functioning of NVRAM (Non-volatile RAM), Real Time Clock (RTC) chip, CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device), Serial Port used in the CGFC. This can be extended to testing of I/O Rack, USB & Ethernet ports (if used) in time-being.


ASP Project on Automatic Share Transaction

Automatic Share Transaction is a good Computer science project for final year students. This is a Web based application whose aim is to automate the process of Buying and Selling of Shares over internet. In general we should approach the Share Brokers for these transactions and they are going to charge some minimal amount for each transaction. To avoid this payment to the Brokers the users can register to the portal directly and can do their own transaction without any other Brokers interaction.
This web application is accessible for registered users only can do their own transactions over internet. For the transactions they need not to pay any amount to any Brokers. Above image shows a Use case diagram for login. This report contains UML diagrams, flow charts, Test case, screenshot etc. Use it for your reference and study work.


Generic SQL Explorer CSE Project Report

This is a good Computer science final year project report on "generic SQL explorer" submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Computer science & engineering. This project is being developed to fulfill the basic needs of a student who wishes to learn basics of databases and also the needs of a non DBA software engineer. This SQL Explorer is a powerful, yet easy-to-use graphical tool for all database developers. It allows you to connect any ODBC complaint databases present in the local machine or anywhere within the network, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc. and edit SQL scripts and queries with syntax highlighting.


VB Project on Automobile Utilization

This is a good CSE final year project on automobile utilization based on visual basic and Oracle. This is a software which can be used by a automobile center for keeping the records of items which is to be transacted for purchase and sell. It helps to keep a record of all the transactions and a password login is created for security. Automobile system deals with the purchase and sales of the good and maintains the stock.


Workload Management System Thesis Project

This is a good MCA thesis project report on "workload management system". In this project a database system is to be created to track current and projected workload as well as to fit an engineer's expertise and preferences to existing projects. Furthermore, the engineers’ information of skill and experience will be stored in the database which can be queried so that the additional hiring can be determined.

Author:-Ralph E. McGregor, Peng Li and Jenny J. Zhang

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