Trick to hack administrator Account using Guest account in XP- 100% works

Follow these steps:

1. ok, First of all login through your guest account and open C:\WINDOWS\system32

2. Now look for cmd.exe and sethc.exe

3. copy these both exe files and place it any safe location

4. Now again go to C:\WINDOWS\system32, now rename cmd.exe into sethc.exe...... As sethc.exe is already exist, so a window will open... says..would you want to replace..... press yes...

5. Now Restart your system.

6. When login screen come.... press Shift key for 5 times.... then command prompt will open.

7. Now you can hack an administrator account in 2 way:
  • By hacking recent administrator's account by changing its password.
  • By giving Administrator's privileges to your guest account 
      So decide what you want to do....

8. Now

      8.1    if  you choose 1st one i.e. "Hacking recent administrator's account by changing its password".>>> then go to my post Hack administrator account and follow step 3 & 4 there.

      8.2     Or if you choose 2nd one then write in command prompt:
                   net localgroup administrators your_guest_account_name /add

9. Done!!!!! :)

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